Spinomenal Mega Flash Win

How amazingly changeable this world is...
Today you are a simple person who does not think about great and expensive things, and tomorrow you are a wealthy person, at whose feet the whole world lies. Do you like this transformation too?
Then rush into Mega Flash Win tournament by Spinomenal and get from 5 to 500 free spins for every 150 spins with the same bet amount.
Only from 12 to 19 July, everyone will get a chance to become a wealthy person.
Who knows, maybe you will be the one!

1. Spinomenal Mega Flash Win promotion runs between 00:00 GMT on the 12th of July 2021 and 19th of July 2021 until 23:59 GMT.

2. Participating games:
● Book of Demi Gods II
● Majestic King
● Origins of Lilith

3. During the period of promo, the total RTP of each game will be 97,5%.

4. The free spins will be awarded on the same bet amount that triggered them.

5. The number of free spins a player can receive once the Mega Flash Win feature is triggered is 5 to maximum of 500.

6. The Mega Flash Win feature can be triggered during a losing ticket or a winning ticket.

7. The Mega Flash Win can be activated for each 150 completed spins and is not limited.

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